Dec 5, 2011

Always Test Your Campaigns

If you are sending out emails to a list of people, and whether they actually open the email, read it, and click on any links in the email or take a specific intended action is important to you, then it is imperative that you always test the emails that you are sending out.

Before you send out your email to your entire list, always do A/B testing, or split testing on a sample group first.

This means selecting, say, 10% of your entire list, split this 10% into 2, and send out a separate email to each half.

The 2 emails that are being sent out are identical, except for one variation. This could mean that Email A had one particular subject line, while Email B had a slightly different subject line, and everything else remained the same.

Or, you could keep both subject lines the same, and vary a specific segment within each email.

The point of doing this is to see which email worked better, in terms of open rate or click through rate, then sending that email to the remaining list.

This way, you are constantly improving your email results, and progressively understanding your audience better, knowing what makes them tick and what causes them to take action.

If you are using JIVE!™, simply make use of the ‘Track’ function to observe the results of your split testing. You will become a better marketer in no time.

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