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Jan 16, 2012

Conduct Regular ‘Health Screenings’ with Custom Reports

Most of us are creatures of habit, and often times, we take for granted that things are working fine and it doesn’t occur to us to make sure everything is in order.

When it comes to getting people to filling up forms on your website, sending out emails to your database, or even scheduling an autoresponder series to your subscribers, it’s always a good idea to conduct regular ‘health screenings’.

What we mean is, for example, to track if your sign up rates on your forms are consistent, to notice if your EDMs (Electronic Direct Mailers) are being delivered, or to analyze if your newsletters are being read by your recipients.

Sometimes, an anomaly to what you usually expect to see can be a signal to you that something is amiss. It could be an unusually low form subscription rate, or an extraordinary email bounce rate, or a puzzling low email open rate.

Only when you know that there’s an issue, then can you start to troubleshoot and diagnose if something went wrong somewhere and rectify the situation asap.

JIVE!™ offers a built-in reporting function to track how well your campaigns are going, how much of your emails are being delivered, and if they are actually being read and more.

This way, you can fine tune and improve your marketing strategy and optimize the ROI and every marketing dollar spent.

That’s just one of the many nifty benefits you get with a free JIVE!™ account.

Dec 12, 2011

Choose a Different Design Theme

As you begin growing your list of customers, it is likely that you will begin to have different customer segments from within that list.

Instead of sending the same email design template to the all groups, you can consider selecting a different theme for each segment of customers so as to add a touch of variation to your emailing campaigns.

JIVE!™ offers a wide range of pre-designed email templates into which you can simply insert your content and you’re good to go.

We even have designer templates specially created for particular seasons and festivities that will leave your customers wondering if you’ve hired a professional!

All these are complimentary with your Free JIVE!™ account.

Dec 5, 2011

Always Test Your Campaigns

If you are sending out emails to a list of people, and whether they actually open the email, read it, and click on any links in the email or take a specific intended action is important to you, then it is imperative that you always test the emails that you are sending out.

Before you send out your email to your entire list, always do A/B testing, or split testing on a sample group first.

This means selecting, say, 10% of your entire list, split this 10% into 2, and send out a separate email to each half.

The 2 emails that are being sent out are identical, except for one variation. This could mean that Email A had one particular subject line, while Email B had a slightly different subject line, and everything else remained the same.

Or, you could keep both subject lines the same, and vary a specific segment within each email.

The point of doing this is to see which email worked better, in terms of open rate or click through rate, then sending that email to the remaining list.

This way, you are constantly improving your email results, and progressively understanding your audience better, knowing what makes them tick and what causes them to take action.

If you are using JIVE!™, simply make use of the ‘Track’ function to observe the results of your split testing. You will become a better marketer in no time.

Jun 24, 2011

Welcome to the JIVE!™ Blog!

We’re really excited that JIVE!™ has launched and can’t wait to let you see how it can help you take your business to the next level.

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