Dec 23, 2011

Add Custom Tag to Your Emails

Oftentimes when we want to send out emails to a large group of people, what most people would do is just to copy and paste the emails into the ‘To’ section or even ‘Bcc’ or ‘Cc’ section, then click ‘Send’.

While this way saves time, it is rather impersonal and the recipient will know that you have simply sent a mass email without addressing him/her directly.

Whatever our intended result is, it might make sense to be able to address the recipient personally, even by name, so that the email appears to be specifically crafted for that one recipient.

Even if the recipient knows that it is a generic email, when we are able to insert the recipient’s name or other detail relevant only to him/her, the ultimate effect will be better.

You can do this very easily with JIVE!™ by inserting custom tags.

Simply choose the info you want inserted into your email, such as First Name, Last Name, Company or any other detail for that matter, and click ‘Send’. No matter how large your email list is, JIVE!™ automatically extracts the relevant detail from your list, inserts it into the email you’ve crafted and sends it to your recipients and it will look as if you’ve sent an email to each and every one of them individually!

See, with a free JIVE!™ account, it’s not that difficult to appear professional after all ;)

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